Please share the challenges faced by a cross-country or track & field coach.
Your answers (mostly "yes/no") are anonymous. You can choose to receive survey results and the opportunity to provide feedback on the prototype of an app to help achieve coaching goals.
I am taking this survey because I: *

Which of the following coaching challenges have impacted you in the last year?

Confrontation by disgruntled parents

Disinterested parents

Finding time for individual attention to athletes

Recruiting coaches

Recruiting parent volunteers

Team administration

Team financial management


Need to delegate in order to achieve goals

Managing meets takes too much time

Helping disadvantaged athletes

Effective meet matchup strategy

Helping athletes with issues at home

Coaching best techniques for my event(s)

Sharing techniques for staying healthy

Dealing with the press

Efficient planning process for season

Goal setting (and/or resetting)

Managing volunteer parents

School bureaucracy

Liability issues

Compliance with Title 9

Female Health Issues (Anemia, underweight)

Tracking and sharing results and PRs

Helping athletes gain self-sufficiency

Busy work overwhelmed why I like to coach

Effective communication with stakeholders

What other stakeholders were not covered by the survey? *

For example, your family
What other coaching busy work not covered in the survey made reaching goals difficult? *

Did any other challenges impact achieving your coaching goals in the last year? *

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